IT processes

In today’s world, a modern organization is unable to function without well-planned and implemented processes. Good planning means savings, minimizing the required resources, faster implementation of tasks, faster response to the required changes. On the other hand, planning and successfully implementing at least one process that will function properly in the area of ​​many organizational units is sometimes an impossible challenge.
Many organizations do not have specially dedicated teams that deal with the design and implementation of processes covering several or even all organizational units within the company. Rapid business growth, introducing a new product to the market or a new service inside or outside the Organization make us realize the need to plan or remodel many cyclical activities that make up one or more processes. Such a task requires from us a project approach that will involve people, hardware, software and very often significant changes throughout the organization.
In order to effectively implement this type of change, it is worth having knowledge and experience, both process and design, as well as the help of appropriate IT tools. We offer you the support of our consultants who, in many Organizations, introduced changes to existing processes or created new ones, which were, for example, a derivative of projects that are ending. Our additional advantage is certainly a fresh look from someone from outside the Organization, who is not attached to the models of conduct used for years and is able to bring proven solutions from other Organizations with whom he cooperates. As part of designing processes, we rely on practices from the ITIL library, practical experience in project implementation and cyclical support at our clients. We work closely not only with IT units, but also with Compliance, Legal, HR and Security. As part of the prepared processes, we also adapt elements of systems and technological infrastructure, if the situation requires it..