Managed Support

This service is addressed primarily to customers who do not have an extensive IT team or do not have one at all. The idea behind the service is to take full responsibility for the IT infrastructure or its selected part. IT systems covered by such support are provided as a service that is available to the customer in accordance with the previously specified parameters, such as:

  • Availability
  • Scope of the service
  • Security
  • Implementation of changes to the service
  • Response time when reporting a service interruption
  • Time to get the service back up and running
  • Service windows
  • E.t.c…

The number of specified parameters may vary depending on the client’s needs, profile of his activity and other important factors.

One of the elements of caring for a selected service or services is to rebuild or, if necessary, build the entire process of the service functioning in the organization so that the parameters agreed with the client can be met.


  • Responsibility on the part of Acanit
  • Professional support 24/7
  • High availability

Managed Service

In the era of cloud solutions and less and less dependence on having your own resources serving services, it is worth considering a model that may be a good solution for companies that do not necessarily want to invest in the development or refreshment of their resources, but also have not made a decision to migrate to the environment cloud based.

A Managed Service is a selected piece of IT infrastructure that is inserted by us into the client, installed, configured in accordance with the agreed recommendations and commissioned for use. All the care for the inserted part or the whole infrastructure is on our side. The service is provided in accordance with the parameters agreed in the contract.

Examples of services may be, for example:

  • LAN network – a set of network devices required to run the internal network service (Ethernet / WIFI)
  • Internet connection – service of connecting to the Internet
  • Server services – insertion of servers with fixed parameters (hardware configuration, software) along with the required licenses in order to provide the required functionality
  • Cloud services of selected suppliers

The idea of ​​the Managed Service is to make the Customer independent from investing in the purchase of any equipment and licenses, except for personal devices such as a laptop or a mobile phone. The cost structure is also changing from one large investment in fixed assets to low monthly subscription costs.

Everything is provided as a comprehensive service, managed by us 24/7.


  • Responsibility on the part of Acanit
  • Change in the cost structure
  • Professional needs analysis
  • The customer only needs to specify what service is needed, e.g. e-mail