Project management

Currently, the rapidly advancing digitization of almost every industry branch determines the large growth of IT services, and thus the growth of IT projects launched. During the implementation of projects, the management part of the project is a critical element. Without an effective project plan, roles, deadlines, task deadlines, communication plan, budget, and a host of other aspects, the project has no chance of success. In order for the project to be successful, he needs a Project Manager, whose role will be to oversee all the above-mentioned aspects and connect all management and technical activities within the framework of the project.
Many organizations do not have the so-called Design offices that are able to professionally prepare a project for implementation and manage it effectively so that it ends in accordance with the plan and successfully.
As a response to this type of confession, we offer the services of a Project Manager who, in cooperation with the client, will prepare a project plan from scratch, define the required internal and external resources, plan communication within the project team and define, in consultation with the Project Sponsor, criteria for success in the project.